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Parish Outreach Commission

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Outreach Commission Minutes January 2017

Date: 1-8-17

Present: Toni, Tami, Ann, Father Warren and Kristin

Baptisms: Zane Fitsimmons -Toni took a card and blanket to them

Weddings: 0

Newcomers: Brian & Karen Stacey - Tami will take something to them

Old Business: The Altar Society could use some help with the soup luncheon.

New Business:  We will be having a bingo on February 11th.  The committee will be supplying the prizes.  Please bring finger foods.  We will decorate at 4:00. Brian is in charge of the decorations.  :). Tami will talk to Sally about the tables.

Next Meeting: March 12


Parish Outreach Commission November 2015 Minutes

The Outreach committee met November 8th.


Present: Toni, Tami, Ann, Father, and Kristin


Old Business:


* Bingo went well and there were 36 players.  No other old business.


New Business:


* PSR will be caroling on Dec. 2nd.  Our committee will provide cookies and hot chocolate.  Toni will get the cups, cookies, and hot cocoa mix.


* The Christmas pageant will be on Dec. 19th.  We discussed having a meal after the pageant.  The Knights of Columbus Hall is available.  We will be contacting the Knights to see if they would like to prepare the meal.


Gretchen will be in charge of decorations and possibly the meal. 

Outreach Commission April 2015 Minutes


April 12, 2015


Present:  Ann, Toni, Tami, Kristin, Connie, Gretchen, Brian and Father Warren



Opening Prayer:  Prayer for Rain



New Members:  Toni Wilson - 1204 W. 7th  Toni N will take over something for her.


Marriages:  None


Baptisms:  None


Old Business:  Connie will now take baby blanket to Mulls.  Brian will take blanket to Kelty's.


Pam has ordered Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts.  Mother's day was back ordered we discussed other ideas if they can not come in on time.


New Business:  Discussed ideas to help with NCYC fund raising.  Brian and Ann will hand out Mother's Day gift for Sunday and Toni and Tami will do this on Saturday night.


Next Meeting:  May 3rd after mass.


Outreach Commission March Minutes

March 8, 2015

Present:  Ann, Toni, Tami, Brian and Father Warren

Opening Prayer:  Prayer for Lent

Newcomers: None

Marriages: None

Baptisms:  Grace Kelty - Brian will deliver a blanket to them

Old Business:  Blanket delivered to Phillip Hammeke's son by Ann.

Discussed RCIA - found out there are none this year.

New Business:  The committee picked out gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day.  We will have Pam order them.

We also discussed ideas for activities for young couples.

We welcomed new member Tami Keenan.  We also will have a new member next meeting.  We will welcome Kristin Hammeke.

Next meeting:  April 12th, 2015 after mass.


Outreach Commission February Minutes

Outreach Committee Meeting:

Feb. 1, 2015

Present:  Toni, Ann, Connie and Father Warren

 Opening Prayer:  Christian Unity

Minutes read

Marriages: None

Births we know about but not baptized yet.  Phillip Hammeke - baby boy Xavier David

John & Kristi Mull - baby girl  Madelyn Elizabeth 

Ann will deliver blanket to Phillip and Connie will deliver blanket to Mull's.

Newcomers:  None

 Old Business:  Connie had delivered gifts to the Smith children.  Toni took treats to Kayla Moser.

April 8th Bingo -  We discussed meeting at 4:00 pm to set up for Bingo.  Bring decorations if you have any.  Ann will call Brian about the Bingo cards and game.  We will bring prizes and finger foods.

New Business:  We discussed ideas for Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts.  Toni and Connie took magazines to look through and will bring them Sunday Feb. 8th for others to look through. 

We will discuss possible gifts at next meeting.  The committee is losing a member so we came up with names for possible replacements.  Toni is in contact with these people (Tami Keenan and Kristin Hammeke)

 Next Meeting:  March 8th, 2015 after mass around 11:30 a.m.

Parish Outreach November Minutes

Nov. 2, 2014

 Present:  Toni, Brian, Lisa and Father Warren

 Old Business:  Blankets for Reece girls are being delivered by Ann. 

No Marriages.

Newcomers -  Karl and Cathy Grover - live in Pawnee Rock.  Brian is making contact with them and delivering goodies.

Baptism:  Michael and Marissa Klemens -  baby girl -  Toni will deliver blanket to them after mass on Saturday.

 Cards were signed for Thank You to Greta Jensen and Alicia Bixby for making baby blankets.

Thanksgiving dinner is set for Nov. 16th after mass.   We have checked the sign up list and seems many are interested.   The committee will help set up tables and decorate on Nov. 15th after mass.  Please come and help if you can.  Also if you have any fall decorations bring them as well.  Toni is contacting Kathy Hammeke to get some decorations.  Sunday day of dinner, need to meet at 11:00 am to help Wheatland.  Toni is checking on table covers with Pam.

 New Business:  The committee was approached by Knights to offer their assistance in a dinner.  The committee discussed having a Christmas supper after mass in December.  Lisa was checking with PSR to see when they were having their play. The Knights would cater the event and we would place a sign up sheet in the back of church like we did with the Thanksgiving dinner.   We will discuss this more at our next meeting.

 Next Meeting:  Since we are discussing ideas for Christmas Supper we will meet Nov. 30th after mass.

Please note the change in our next Meeting.  Nov. 30th

Outreach Commission August 2014 Minutes

Meeting Aug. 10

Present: Ann, Brian,Connie and Father Warren

  Ann opened with a prayer that she had received from Thyra Frazier awhile back, it was one we could all reflect on. 

  Ann sent around a thank-you note from Mary Klinge thanking Ann & Brian for their help with the altar society meal for Marks' send off and  Sisters' celebration.

  Old Business- Toni took "goodies" to the Sundahl family to welcome them.

     There were no other newcomers

      No marriages

      Baptisms- Brandon& Lindsey VanSickle had their baby girl baptized,Brian will take a blanket to them since he already has been there to welcome them.

  BACK TO SCHOOL  BINGO!!!!!! Please be there by 4:00 pm on Saturday, Aug. 16th to help get things arranged....The Knights will have tables set up...Ann will contact Pam about the whereabouts of the bingo supplies..Brian will then pick them up from the school and take them out to the  knights...Outreach members should bring school supplies or such for table decorations( crayons/ markers, tablets or maybe even some kind of after school snacks).

  New. Business-- Election of officers will be held at the next meeting,so if you don't want your name up for  president or secretary you need to be there:-)

     Connie will contact Alicia Bixby, Grete Jensen and Cindy Perez about maybe making more baby blankets in the near future since we no longer have our previous helpers for that.

     We closed with a reflection from Ann and a blessing from Father..

     See you all @ the next meeting on Sept. 14th, after mass.

Parish Outreach Committee April 2013 minutes

Parish Outreach Comittee   04/14/2013

 Present:  Ann, Brian and Toni Novotny

Not present: Stacy, Joy, Connie and Tammy

 Old Business:

Pam ordered pins for Mother's Day and St. Christopher key chains for Father's Day.

Joel Kelty's baby received its blanket.

 New Business:

No new members of church

No weddings upcoming

Jason Hammeke's two children (Cordell and Madelyn) were baptized last Sunday.  Ann went to Great Bend and bought two books for the children's gift.

Ann will check into getting baby blankets for John & Kristi Mull's daughter and Jeremy & Elizabeth McDonald's son.

We discussed needing one more volunteer to hand out pins to mothers on Mother's Day weekend.  We have Toni & Brian doing Saturday nights and Ann is one for Sunday.  We need one more for Sunday.

POT LUCK -  Pot luck is this coming Sunday the 21st.  Pam will set out the remaining food from freezer on Thursday.  We would like help around 9:30 on Sunday to set up and get food cooking. 

Don Kazmaier has resigned because of health reasons.

Toni Novotny has joined as new member.

We are in need of other members.

Meetings are 2nd Sunday of the month after church.

No meeting in May.

Next meeting will be June 9th after Mass. (11:30)



Parish Outreach Committee March minutes

Parish Outreach Committee  03/24/2013

 Present:  Ann, Tammy, Fr. Warren

Not Present: Stacy, Joy, Brian, Connie

 New Business:

Mary Klinge came to talk about the Parish wide garage sale. All money raised will stay in PN County and will either go to the food bank or the helping hands. The garage sale is April 12-13.  Times that they would like to have volunterrs are Friday, 8a-4p & 4p-7p, Saturday 7a-12p. They will also need help with set-up and tear-down. All things left over after the sale will be taken with to the Salvation Army or Goodwill in Great Bend. If anyone has a truck that could be used to haul things over - please let Pam at the office know. Volunteers can also call Pam at the parish office and sign up for a time to help.

No Baptisms (Joel and Morgan Kelty had baby boy - but he has not been baptized yet) No Marriages No Newcomers

Mother's Day, May 12th, and Father's Day, June 16th, - Ann will have Pam order nice writting pens for the mothers and a St. Christopher key chain for the fathers.

POC will plan to have a potluck covered luncheon on Sunday, April 21st. We will use the leftover food from the Centennial dinner - there is meat and some potatoes. Please bring something and plan to help if you can.

Old Business:

Newcomers -- Brian was going to take something to Elizabeth Vonfeldt, 913 Starks Drive, 303-877-8919

Next Meetings --

April 14th @ 1130

May 5th @ 1130


Parish Outreach November Minutes

Parish Outreach Committee

November 11, 2012

Members Present: Ann, Tammy, Fr. Warren

Not Present: Joy, Stacy, Don, Brian, Connie

Old Business:

Centennial Celebration: Thank you to everyone that helped with the decorating and preparation! The celebration was a wonderful success!

Coffee Hour: Was well attended by everyone – thank you!

New Business:

Baptisms: Elizabeth Finger with the triplets – one boy and two girls. We will double check on her address and married name so that someone can take blankets to her.

No Marriages

No New Parishioners

Cookies and Hot Cocoa for PSR Students: We will do this for the PSR students and volunteers after the Christmas caroling event. The following can help with serving – Ann, Tammy, Brian, Joy. Please be to the school kitchen by 6:45 p.m. on Dec. 5th. We will plan on 120 to serve. Tammy will call Dillon’s for the cookies and will pick up the cocoa.

Parish Outreach Potluck will be on December 8th after the 5 p.m. mass. There were beans, potatoes, and a small amount of meat left over from the Centennial celebration. We will plan to use that. We will also plan to provide the table service, water and tea. Members do not need to bring anything since we are providing part of the meal. We would ask parishioners to bring a meat dish, desserts, or salads. Members able to help should be to the kitchen by 5:15 p.m. Tammy and Brian will plan to start roasters at 3 p.m. Tammy will get the key from Pam before that.

After mass luncheons will be changing locations. We will meet at El Dos De Oros for the next luncheon coming up after mass on November 18th.

Parish Outreach will send a card for Sr. Irene’s birthday coming up on December 17th.

Since we are planning a potluck for December, we will not have a December POC meeting.

The next regular meeting will be on January 13th, 2013 @ 11:30.

Have a great week everyone! Happy early Thanksgiving to all!