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PSR Commission June 2017 Minutes





Members present:  Jim Mitchell, Fr. Warren, Michelle Kelty, Kristy Mull, Stacy Sanger


Jim opened the meeting with the committee prayer.


Minutes:  The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as written.


Catechists:  The 4th , 7th, and 8th grade classes still need catechists.  Kristy and Ben are still working on getting the spots filled.


NCYC:  We have not heard back on whether or not the youth group got the NCYC scholarship. Two highschoolers have dropped out of the trip.  Michelle has contacted two other youth group members to see if they would like to go on the NCYC trip.


TotusTuus:  All volunteer duties are taken care of with the exception of a few helpers and meals. A registration form, brochure, and flier will be mailed out to all the families.  Stacy will take care of the Totus Tuus scheduling this year.


SummerCamp:  Eleven kids signed up to go to camp.  Three of the eleven didn't go: two dropped out due to sports and one got sick and didn't go.  The camp fee the church pays will not be refundable next year.  In the future, a refundable deposit to hold the spot may be required for all who sign up to go to camp.


BibleCamp:  The Presbyterian Bible Camp is July 12th.  Sacred Heart is advertising the camp and making registration forms available but is sending no volunteers.


Finance: The committee received a finance report from Ben.


Laudators: Michelle and Stacy discussed their desire for more laudators for the youth group.  Stacy and Michelle will work on finding volunteers.


AllCouncil/CommitteeMeeting:  The stewardship committee is sponsoring a meeting on August 23 with all the church committees to hear reports on each committees activities through the past year.  Jim Mitchell will speak about the PSR Committee's accomplishments.


NextMeeting:  Monday, July 31 at 6: 30 p.m.




Members present:  Jim Mitchell, Stacy Sanger, Fr. Warren, Krysten Watkins, Michelle Kelty, Kristy Mull, Ben Ramsey

Jim opened the meeting with the committee prayer.

Minutes:  Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Catechists:  There are a couple vacancies to fill for next year. Kristy and Ben have a list of possibilities to fill them.  

Totus Tuus:  Julie Munden is making a Totus Tuus video to show the kids.  The video could be shown at the PSR BBQ also. Registrations will be sent home with the kids the end of April or first part of May.

Catechist Supper:  The catechist supper is Saturday, March 25th after Mass.

Volunteer Tea:  Invitations for the volunteer tea have been sent out.  It will be Sunday, March 26th from 2-4 p.m.

Mother's Day Brunch:  The Assembly of God bouncy house has been reserved for the brunch. Kristy Mull has the lamb bingo covered. Lindsey Perez will be at the brunch offering 10 minute photo sessions. Stacy Sanger will order the tickets. Stacy sent out letters requesting donations for the silent auction/raffle.

First Communion Photography:  Lindsey Perez will take first communion photos.  She will put together a packet with prices. A schedule will be setup for 5-minute time slots to take photos before Mass. The group photo will be taken after Mass. Photos are optional, and parents will pay Lindsey Perez if they wish to purchase photos. If there is someone that needs help purchasing a photo, they can talk to Krysten Watkins.

Finance:  Ben presented the finance report from February.

High School Graduation Gift: Stacy presented an idea for graduation gifts.  A letter would be sent to each church committee/council/group in the parish requesting a small gift such as a key chain, prayer card, or book,  along with a personal note from the committee.  The committee approved the gift idea.  One suggestion for the gift from the PSR Committee was having a Mass said for each kid.

NCYC:  Stacy is filling out a scholarship application for the NCYC registration fee. We are asking for $3200 to help the youth group pay for NCYC.

CRE Position:  Stacy turned in her application for the CRE position.  The committee discussed the application after Stacy left the meeting and voted to offer the position to Stacy.  As CRE, Stacy becomes an ex facto member of the committee without voting rights. The committee will search for two new members to add to the committee at the June elections.

Next Meeting:  Monday, May 1st at 7:00 p.m.


PSR Commission Minutes November 17, 2016


THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH, 2016 5:30 P.M. 

Members present:  Fr. Warren, Kristy Mull, Kathy Hammeke, Stacy Sanger, Michelle Kelty, Ben Ramsey


Kristy opened the meeting with the committee prayer.   


Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.  


Christmas:  The Heart to Heart Ministry has asked to provide “Happy Birthday Jesus” cupcakes for the students after the Christmas pageant at Diversicare on the 21st of December. The committee approved the cupcakes.  For the December 10th pageant, a hamburger and hotdog feed is planned.  Ben will ask the Knights of Columbus if they would be able to cook for this since everyone else will be busy with the pageant. We have hamburgers, hotdogs, condiments, and chips already.  All that is needed is buns, which we can probably get from Sonic again.  


Penance service:  The Penance service is Wednesday, December 14. The catechists will start bringing students to the church at 6:15 so the service can begin at 6:30. The highschool students will go through the Act of Contrition with Michelle and come over to the church at 7:15 since they can stay later than elementary students.  


Confirmation:  A two year program for Confirmation was discussed. What day of the week to hold confirmation class was also discussed.  Sunday night looks like the best option since Wednesday night would require the students to miss out on youth group. Requiring service hours, attending a retreat (perhaps TEC), and an open book “exit exam” were also considered.  Ten service hours per year for a total of 20 hours was suggested.  Serving at Mass, doing Children's Dismissal, helping serve dinners at the Knights of Columbus, are several examples of things that would qualify for service hours. Confirmation curriculum choices were presented by Stacy. The committee approved the purchase of the “Chosen” series.


Finances: Ben presented the balance sheet for the month of October.


Next meeting is Thursday, December 22 at 6:30 in the conference room.

PSR Commission Minutes August 14, 2016



Members present:  Kathy Hammeke, Krysten Watkins, Jim Mitchell, Michelle Kelty, Kristy Mull,

Fr. Warren.

Jim opened the meeting with the committee prayer. 

Basketball:  Jim will contact Doug McNett to see if he would be willing to coach.  It was suggested to bring up basketball at the Meet the Teacher night to see if any parents are interested, and have a sign up sheet.

Classrooms:  Room assignments were finalized.  K-5 will be in the parish education center and 6-12 in the annex. Sally Dreiling will work on switching desks and chairs around. Michelle will work on classroom door signs, as well as a sign for the annex door.  Stacy, Pam, and Michelle will work on tidying up the rooms August 24th 

Meet the Teacher:  It was suggested to have a large welcome sign/easel for Meet the Teacher night. The committee went over the agenda for Meet the Teacher Night.  Catechists will make welcome notes/invitations for their students.  There are many trinkets and holy cards that can be included.  Stacy will remind the catechists to get their notes ready.

Root Beer Floats:  Outreach Committee offered to have root beer floats for the first night of PSR class, August 31st. Grades K-8 will have the floats at 7:15 in the common area while highschool takes their floats back to the youth group room. 

PSR Facebook Group:  Stacy will create a Facebook PSR Group to help keep parents up to date and facilitate communication. Other/all committee members could be added as administrators to help manage the group.

Finance:  Ben will work on the finance reports beginning with July 2106.  Kathy Couchman will help Ben get started. The PSR committee will send an annual report to the Finance Committee.  

Server Training: It was suggested that server training and retraining could be done during the 6-6:30 session over a period of several weeks. It is hard to convince parents that it takes more than just one hour long session for the kids to learn all the information. There is a lot to learn so perhaps several short sessions would also help students retain more information. There is an altar serving booklet that can be used, and perhaps we could find videos to help show the kids what the procedures are. There are many short (10 min or so) videos on YouTube. Father also suggest that we remind the highschool age kids that the younger kids really look up to the big kids, so they are welcome and encouraged to continue being altar servers. Michelle will pass this along to the youth group.

DRE:  After PSR is up and running the committee will work on creating a job description for a DRE or a lesser “coordinator” position that will work in conjunction with the PSR committee.  The committee feels that a DRE/CRE is necessary so we can have someone with regular office hours to be the diocesan contact, do the day to day tasks, be present and available during PSR while the catechists are busy in class, etc.

Next meeting:  Meet the Teacher night, Wednesday, August 24th, 6:00 p.m.


PSR August 4 2016 Minutes



Members present:  Stacy Sanger, Kristy Mull, Krysten Watkins, Kathy Hammeke, Michelle Kelty

Visiting:  Ed Ummel

Kristy opened the meeting with the committee prayer.

Catechists:  Kristy gave an update on catechists.  There are three “maybes” for catechist positions left to fill and 4 teacher's helpers.  Krysten will prepare a letter to catechists expressing our thanks, giving them a bit of information about the new curriculum, and giving committee contact information.

Protecting God's Children:  There is a PGC session scheduled for Sunday August 7th at 6:00 in the Parish Education Center. So far there is one catechist and one person from Great Bend signed up to attend.

Parent's Letter:  Krysten will prepare a letter to parents giving information about the upcoming school year. The letter may include committee member contact information, notice given about no supper/snack, a list of teachers and laudators, information about the new curriculum, confirmation moved to Sophomore year, and details about Meet the Teacher night.

Meet the Teacher:  Meet the Teacher night is scheduled for Wednesday, August 24 at 6:00.  The night will start with a quick address from one or more of the committee members and then parents and students will proceed to the child/ren's classroom to meet the catechists. Calendars and handbooks will be handed out to parents.

Catechist Meeting: A catechist meeting has been set for Thursday, August 11th at 6:30 p.m.  Stacy will develop an agenda for this meeting.  The meeting may include an introduction to the curriculum, going through a lesson, an introduction of committee members, a classroom tour, library/materials tour, Catechist Jubilee information, and expectations for meet the teacher.

Highschool Curriculum:  Michelle presented the highschool curriculum she plans on using.  She will use the Apologetics series that she already has, but requested new Bibles for the students. The committee approved purchasing Ignatius Bibles from Ignatius Press.

Red Notebooks: These will be put together on Thursday, August 11th at 9:00 a.m. The attendance sheet will be in this notebook.

Ed Ummel:  Ed volunteered to be a catechist or help in any way he can.  Since the catechist positions are likely filled, Ed will be a teacher's aide. Ed can also help with stuffing envelopes.


PSR Commission May 2016 Minutes



Members present:  Jim Mitchell, Stacy Sanger, Michelle Kelty, Kathy Hammeke, Kristy Mull, Ben Ramsey

Jim opened the meeting with the PSR Committee prayer.

Bylaws—A few minor changes were made to the bylaws draft.  Michelle will type up a revised draft and the committee will vote on accepting the bylaws at the next meeting, May 26th.

Totus Tuus—A “Protecting God's Children” session is planned for Thursday, May 19, 5:30-8:30. There are three people that we know are going to the session so far.  Adult volunteers will need to attend if they have never been to a session before. A light meal may be provided.

Curriculum—Deciding on a curriculum was discussed.  Jim will call Benziger to request samples. Stacy will work on a simplified syllabus for each grade level. 

PSR Teachers—The need for several replacement PSR teachers for the upcoming school year was discussed. Teachers will need to be practicing members of the church.  The committee will browse parish directories at the next meeting to get ideas of people to ask if they would be interested in teaching.

Confirmation—Moving the Confirmation age up to Sophomore year and creating a 12 week Confirmation class separate from PSR was discussed. TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) might be a good retreat opportunity for the Confirmation class.

Calendar—A tentative calendar for the 2016-17 PSR was created. The year would begin with a Meet the Teacher event on Wednesday August 24, with the first PSR class following on August 31. Events also include Feast of St. Francis blessing of pets on October 5th, a Christmas pageant with a performance at Diversicare to replace caroling, First Confession January 25, Shadow Stations of the Cross Wednesday April 12th,  and May Crowning Wednesday May 3. The last class would be May 17th, and the end of the year BBQ on Saturday, May 20th following Mass. There would be no class on November 23 before Thanksgiving, December 28 of Christmas break, and March 15 of spring break.

Fundraisers—Fundraising ideas were discussed. Kristy will speak with Carr Auction to make sure the youth group will be in the rotation for consignment sale concessions. Jim proposed the idea of a Mother's Day Champagne Brunch. Mothers Day 2017 falls on Sunday May 14th. The menu would include breakfast items such as scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and hashbrowns. Perhaps Altar Society could help with homemade cinnamon rolls. This could be a youth group fundraiser oppurtunity.

Next meeting will be Thursday, May 26 at 6:30p.m in the Conference Room.



PSR Commission March 2016 Minutes

PSR Commission meeting

March 24, 2016

Jim Mitchell called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm. Those in attendance introduced themselves.  Those in attendance were: Jim Mitchell, Ben Ramsey, Kathy Hammeke, Stacy Sanger, Michelle Kelty, Kristy Mull and Krysten Watkins.

Members were asked to share what they felt was important or what they would like to see in the PSR program.

Need to teach our children the basics of the Catholic catechism.

  • Need for a structured curriculum that carries through from K-12

  • Teachers need guidance so they know what to teach the children

  • Confirmation is VERY important. 

  • High school age youth need to be able to defend their Catholic faith

  • Lesson plans are needed, curriculum is needed, direction is needed.

  • Parents need to be involved in the Catholic education of their children

  • Need to be able to answer children’s questions about Holy Week and Advent

  • Need a plan to teach about advent candles, rosary and others

  • Need to teach the laws of the Catholic church

  • Need to provide teachers with learning opportunities

  • Teachers need to know “how to teach children”

  • Consider a plan to have something that the children have to do with their parents/family

  • Instill parent education – have parents “read with your children”

  • Set a calendar for PSR by August and follow it throughout the year

  • Consider education on Wednesday evenings and activities at another time.


Suggestions were made for possible curriculums:

 Bensinger – This company will give a presentation to the committee.  They will also hold teacher inservice

  • Apologetics – high school material that has a sound base.

  • Curriculum used in the Wichita Diocese has lots of teacher idea                                                                                                                                      


    Officers for the year are:              Chair: Jim Mitchell,

           Vice-Chair: Kristy Mull and

            Secretary: Michelle Kelty

The membership will follow Pastoral Council Constitution/By-Laws. The present members are appointed for 3 years and a rotation will be set up for 2 members to rotate off and opportunity for new members to be elected in year 4, 5 and 6.  Jim will check the committee membership guidelines from Pastoral Council and report back to the group.

The 2008 PRS Commission guidelines were reviewed. Michelle Kelty will make the changes that were discussed and present them at the next meeting. Members will have an opportunity to work on Standing Committees such as Curriculum, etc.

Totus Tuus will be held June 18th through the 24th and members were invited to be involved and assist.

The next meeting will be _______________ was it on 4th Thursdays??