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Altar Society


Sacred Heart Altar Society is an enduring and venerable organization of our Parish, consisting of all women eighteen years and older. Currently, the membership is divided equally among four, permanent, standing committees. These committees are headed by one or two volunteer co-chairmen that serve at the discretion of the president. These co-chairmen contact members to assist in carrying out the work and service of the Altar Society. Our purpose, as stated in our bylaws, is to promote true Christian Charity, the love of God, and our neighbor, and Christian family life. More specifically, we take care of, and supply the immediate needs of the altar and sacristy. This includes, but is not limited to, the altar wine and hosts, care and cleaning of the vestments, server robes, purificators, and altar linens, candles, flowers, and other furnishings. We also prepare and serve funeral dinners, support the youth of our PSR program, coordinate with the Knights of Columbus on projects when needed, recognize and remember the elderly and shut-ins of our Parish during Senior Citizen Month in May, and at Christmas, and participate in many community events and activities, such as the Bloodmobile, World Day of Prayer, Crop Walk, Disaster Relief efforts, assistance to the Food Pantry, and the Community Thanksgiving Dinner.


Altar Society Standing Rules & Bylaws







1. Dishes, silverware, electric roasters, coffee pots, tables, or table cloths of the Altar Society are not to be loaned out; except to the Knights of Columbus for Club functions.

2. The family of the deceased will be contacted by the Pastor and/or the Parish Secretary regarding the funeral dinner. If the immediate family of the deceased so desires, the Altar Society will serve the funeral dinner in their home or at a place provided by the family; otherwise it will be served at the Knights of Columbus Hall or Sacred Heart School Auditorium. The menu is at the discretion of the Altar Society, unless the family has a specific request. The family will be asked to pay for the meat, and the other food will be donated by individuals on the committee helping with the dinner.

3. When the funeral of a member of the parish or spouse of the member is held elsewhere, and the dinner is not provided by the Altar Society, a donation of $30 will be sent to the church where the dinner is held to help defray the cost of the meal.

4. At the family’s request, Altar Society will lead a Rosary after the Parish Wake service for a deceased member.

5. Rosary is to be recited on all Sunday mornings, beginning approximately 25 minutes before Mass.

6. Senior Citizen Month will be observed annually with a project by the Altar Society.

7. A Mass shall be offered for each member of the Altar Society following her death. Also, a Mass shall be offered monthly for the intentions of Altar Society members. The stipends for these Masses shall be paid from the treasury of the Society.

8. The Standing Rules may be amended at a meeting of the membership by a majority of those members present.

9. A copy of current Standing Rules and Bylaws of Sacred Heart Altar Society will be kept at the Parish Office, and be available upon request.

Approved: June 16, 2013




Article I-Name

Article II-Patroness

The patroness of the Altar Society shall be the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title of her presentation in the Temple. (Feast, November 21)

Article III-Purpose

Our purpose is to promote true Christian Charity, the love of God and our neighbor, and Christian family life. We also take care of the immediate needs of the altar, supply the needs of the sacristy, and render assistance when necessary.

Article IV-Membership

Section 1. All women of the parish, 18 years or older are members.

Section 2. The membership may be divided into Committees for particular activities.

Section 3. Honorary Members - a. A member may be eligible for honorary status if they become incapacitated due to health or age. b. Request for honorary membership should be directed to a member of the Executive Committee or to the Pastor. c. Honorary members shall be excused from committee responsibilities.

Section 4. The Pastor is an ex-officio member. He shall serve as the Spiritual Director.

Article V-Officers

The officers shall be (1) President, (2) Secretary and (3) Treasurer. The officers and committee co-chairmen shall constitute the Executive Committee.

Article VI-Duties of Officers

The president shall preside at all meetings, shall see that the rules and regulations of the Society are carried out. She shall appoint necessary committees and shall fulfill such other duties as commonly pertain to the office of president. She will be responsible for orientation of committee co-chairmen.

The secretary shall keep a correct record of attendance and the proceedings of all meetings; as well as all other records of the Society. She shall provide a report of regular meetings for the Parish Newsletter, and post a copy of the minutes on Parish website. She shall also attend to the correspondence of the Society, and do such other works as usually pertain to the office.

The treasurer shall receive all income of the Society. All money received in any way by the Altar Society is the property of the Society. She shall make a report of all receipts and expenditures since the last meeting. She will prepare the budget for the membership’s review and approval.

Article VII

The Executive Committee shall meet at the discretion of the president or Pastor to conduct any necessary or extraordinary Altar Society business in between general meetings of the membership. A report of these meetings will be presented at the general membership meetings.

-Duties of the Executive Committee

Article VIII-Church Care and Provisions

The Altar Society, under the direction of the Pastor, shall look after the vestments, altar linens, and other furnishings. The Society shall also provide the hosts, wine, and votive candles.

Article IX-Election of Officers

The officers shall be elected annually at the last regular meeting of the year. The newly elected officers will assume their responsibilities January 1 of the following year. Officers may serve no more than six (6) consecutive terms.

Article X-Committees

There shall be such standing and special committees as are required to accomplish the purpose of this organization. Chairmen of these committees are appointed by the president.

Article XI-Duties of the Standing Committees

The general membership of the Altar Society is comprised of four groups. Their purpose is to carry out the work of the Altar Society, and to coordinate other functions as requested by the Pastor.

Article XII-Meetings

Regular meetings shall be held Quarterly.

Article XIII-Dues

The amount of dues shall be fixed by the Altar Society. For any proposed change, notice shall be published four successive weeks in the Church Bulletin prior to a meeting of the full membership.

Article XIV-Amendments

Approved: June 16, 2013

- The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a regular meeting provided the amendment has been approved by the Pastor. Amendments will take effect immediately upon approval.


This society shall be known as the Altar Society of Sacred Heart Church, Larned, Kansas.