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Name Jim Mitchell
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PSR Committee

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PSR Commission June 2017 Minutes





Members present:  Jim Mitchell, Fr. Warren, Michelle Kelty, Kristy Mull, Stacy Sanger


Jim opened the meeting with the committee prayer.


Minutes:  The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as written.


Catechists:  The 4th , 7th, and 8th grade classes still need catechists.  Kristy and Ben are still working on getting the spots filled.


NCYC:  We have not heard back on whether or not the youth group got the NCYC scholarship. Two highschoolers have dropped out of the trip.  Michelle has contacted two other youth group members to see if they would like to go on the NCYC trip.


TotusTuus:  All volunteer duties are taken care of with the exception of a few helpers and meals. A registration form, brochure, and flier will be mailed out to all the families.  Stacy will take care of the Totus Tuus scheduling this year.


SummerCamp:  Eleven kids signed up to go to camp.  Three of the eleven didn't go: two dropped out due to sports and one got sick and didn't go.  The camp fee the church pays will not be refundable next year.  In the future, a refundable deposit to hold the spot may be required for all who sign up to go to camp.


BibleCamp:  The Presbyterian Bible Camp is July 12th.  Sacred Heart is advertising the camp and making registration forms available but is sending no volunteers.


Finance: The committee received a finance report from Ben.


Laudators: Michelle and Stacy discussed their desire for more laudators for the youth group.  Stacy and Michelle will work on finding volunteers.


AllCouncil/CommitteeMeeting:  The stewardship committee is sponsoring a meeting on August 23 with all the church committees to hear reports on each committees activities through the past year.  Jim Mitchell will speak about the PSR Committee's accomplishments.


NextMeeting:  Monday, July 31 at 6: 30 p.m.