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As Scheduled
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Adult Religious Formation

The purpose of the Adult Religious Formation team is to strive to show leadership in the journey of faith and renewal of all parishioners in accord with Church teachings and diocesan policies. This includes renewal programs for those serving in Church ministries, basic teachings on Church doctrines, the welcoming home Catholic outreach and family nights to involve the entire program.  

Adult Religious Formation Commission June 2017 Minutes



 June 1, 2017

 PRESENT: Sister Rebecca Otter, Mary Mitchell, Father Warren Stecklein, and Regis Lopata

 ABSENT:  David O’Gwin and Cathy Grover


The minutes from the meeting of were reviewed and approved as written.


There was some discussion about our recent Lenten study program “A Biblical Walk Through the Mass.”  Positive comments were received by those who attended the program.  Some individuals indicated that a change in the day of the week or time of such programs would be better.  It was decided that we would put something in the bulletin asking parishioners to inform ARF Commission members about recommended subjects for future sessions, as well as suggested times for the sessions.  It was decided that we would look for a program on Fatima or the Blessed Virgin, which could occur in the fall.  In addition, plans are being made for a new group for the Kapaun’s Men series, which would also occur in the fall.


There was discussion about the columns in the Sacred Heart Beat called “What You Do For the Least.”  Sister Irene had been writing those columns, but that series has now been completed.  Sister Rebecca wrote the article for the June newsletter on the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  It was decided to change the name of the column to “Why Do We _________” with different individuals writing it each month.  Regis will write articles for July and August on gestures we use in church and on the Assumption.  In September, Mary will write the column on a patron saint of teachers.  It was decided to ask Cathy to write the October column about the Feast of the Holy Rosary.

Plans were made for subjects for the monthly Adoration/Holy Hour for the remainder of the year.  These include:

                        June:    Sacred Heart of Jesus – Regis

                        July:     patriotic rosary – Sister Rebecca and others

                        August:   prayer for teachers and students – Cathy?

                        September:  prayers for healing with an anointing of the sick – Sister

                                    Rebecca and Father Bernard

                       October: scriptural rosary with luminous mysteries – Regis

                       November:  prayers for the deceased – Sister Rebecca

                       December:  no scheduled Adoration/Holy Hour


The next meeting of the Adult Religious Formation Commission will be on August 3, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Parish Education Center.