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Position Chairperson
Name Jim Mitchell
Phone 620-804-3577

PSR Committee

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Members present:  Jim Mitchell, Stacy Sanger, Fr. Warren, Krysten Watkins, Michelle Kelty, Kristy Mull, Ben Ramsey

Jim opened the meeting with the committee prayer.

Minutes:  Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Catechists:  There are a couple vacancies to fill for next year. Kristy and Ben have a list of possibilities to fill them.  

Totus Tuus:  Julie Munden is making a Totus Tuus video to show the kids.  The video could be shown at the PSR BBQ also. Registrations will be sent home with the kids the end of April or first part of May.

Catechist Supper:  The catechist supper is Saturday, March 25th after Mass.

Volunteer Tea:  Invitations for the volunteer tea have been sent out.  It will be Sunday, March 26th from 2-4 p.m.

Mother's Day Brunch:  The Assembly of God bouncy house has been reserved for the brunch. Kristy Mull has the lamb bingo covered. Lindsey Perez will be at the brunch offering 10 minute photo sessions. Stacy Sanger will order the tickets. Stacy sent out letters requesting donations for the silent auction/raffle.

First Communion Photography:  Lindsey Perez will take first communion photos.  She will put together a packet with prices. A schedule will be setup for 5-minute time slots to take photos before Mass. The group photo will be taken after Mass. Photos are optional, and parents will pay Lindsey Perez if they wish to purchase photos. If there is someone that needs help purchasing a photo, they can talk to Krysten Watkins.

Finance:  Ben presented the finance report from February.

High School Graduation Gift: Stacy presented an idea for graduation gifts.  A letter would be sent to each church committee/council/group in the parish requesting a small gift such as a key chain, prayer card, or book,  along with a personal note from the committee.  The committee approved the gift idea.  One suggestion for the gift from the PSR Committee was having a Mass said for each kid.

NCYC:  Stacy is filling out a scholarship application for the NCYC registration fee. We are asking for $3200 to help the youth group pay for NCYC.

CRE Position:  Stacy turned in her application for the CRE position.  The committee discussed the application after Stacy left the meeting and voted to offer the position to Stacy.  As CRE, Stacy becomes an ex facto member of the committee without voting rights. The committee will search for two new members to add to the committee at the June elections.

Next Meeting:  Monday, May 1st at 7:00 p.m.